Who We Are


Debbie Breasley


I’m an international jetsetter and mum to Seren, living in Buckinghamshire with my rock star partner, Matt. Cozymum & Me has given me the opportunity to be creative and bring to market products which I felt were either not available or not affordable when I had my own daughter. Becoming a mum has been such a departure for me from everything I thought I knew about myself. I am totally the opposite type of mother to the mother I thought I would be, and have learnt so much about myself. I am more decisive and more entrepreneurial than I ever was before she was born, but I also feel more vulnerable at the same time. It is so true that being a mum means discovering strengths you never knew you had whilst dealing with fears you never knew existed!


Liz Gibson


I’m a teacher and semi-pro tea drinker living in Buckinghamshire with my husband, Philip, and daughter, Imogen.  Cozymum & Me has been a complete departure from my day job in the classroom, but so worthwhile: my hope is that with our ever growing range of products we can help new Mums to overcome the things that we found hard when our girls were little, and help to raise better awareness of, and to foster a more supportive culture for those who are finding adapting to motherhood tough.  When I’m not at my computer or cleaning up the trail of destruction after toddler exploits around our home, I love to be outside in the fresh air and exploring: pottering in our garden, adventuring at the park with the little one, or out and about in the countryside a little further afield!