Trust yourself...


Parenting is hard work, and everyone needs a helping hand from time to time.  This bracelet celebrates motherhood whilst reminding you that you know your baby best. Wearing the bracelet on the same side wrist as your baby’s last feed can also be a helpful reminder for nursing Mums too!

The beads are made from food grade silicone and are safe should baby chew on them whilst teething, whilst the engraved metal charm is on hand to encourage you to keep calm and be confident and reminds you to ‘Trust Yourself’.  Take a breath and listen to your own voice: have the confidence to care for your baby in a way that feels right for you.



Food grade silicone beads: BPA and PVC free

Engraved metal charm reminding you to ‘trust yourself’Wear as a nursing aide-memoire by placing on the same side wrist as your baby’s last feed

Easy to clean: wash with mild soap and water

Length: 190mm (minimum, with the elastic unstretched)

The engraved metal charm is handmade and, as such, some tool marks from the craftsmanship may be visible on the surface. These tiny imperfections are part of the bracelet’s significance: like motherhood taking the rough with the smooth, physically and mentally, is part of both its challenge and its beauty.


Safety note: although the silicone beads are safe for baby to chew, this bracelet is meant to be worn by an adult.  Never leave baby unattended with it.