Organic Balm

Organic Balm

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This soothing organic balm can be used for everything from cracked nipples to nappy rash.  It is as versatile as it is gentle: perfect for baby’s skin as well as yours.  Hand-made and hand-poured, using only organic ingredients, rub into dry or sore skin to leave it feeling soft and nourished.


Our silky soft balm can be used as an all-in-one skincare solution for you and baby.  


Try it as:

A nipple cream for sore or cracked nipples (no need to wash off before nursing)

A stretch mark rub to help reduce the appearance of lines

An all-over moisturiser for baby’s skin as well as your own

A luxurious hand cream or cuticle enricher

A luscious lip balm

A nappy cream to help soothe sore bottoms

A cradle cap balm

An alternative to massage oil

This solid balm becomes fluid when rubbed into skin: a little goes a long way!